What we are about here:

We realize that our church is kind of like a dinosaur among the churches of Southern California.  We don’t have a zippy contemporary name–like “Streams in the Desert” or “Living Word.”   In fact, we don’t even have a contemporary praise band either.  Why not?

Well, we are not the judges of the world, nor even the judges of Southern California.  But in our opinion the culture and morality of our World and Nation are definitely going downhill.  God calls His people to be good witnesses as Strangers and Pilgrims in this world–not to be conformed to the World, but to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  So what was Jesus like?

  1. Holy (He never even sinned once)
  2. Loving (He even loved his enemies)
  3. Meek (He never boasted)
  4. A preacher of Repentance (From the beginning–Matthew 4)
  5. Courageous (He always spoke the truth, and trusted in God the Father)

Let’s strive to be these kinds of Christians.

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  1. Margie Thomas

    Pastor Barnett,
    The link works well…it took me right to your church website. We will also add your link to our online directory of IFCA churches and affiliate church websites.


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